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Loliver Love

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NYC Show Photos [Sep. 16th, 2009|10:15 pm]
Loliver Love
Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Click either photo for more from the set!
Interview coming soon on http://back-pocketbelievers.net
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Loliver icon [Sep. 28th, 2008|07:53 pm]
Loliver Love

Hi, I made a Loliver icon (avatar) based on another icon I found.

Here it is:

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Loliver fanart [Sep. 7th, 2008|11:36 am]
Loliver Love

[Current Location |Oken Land/Lillitania]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |"I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have you"]

Hi, I'm a_wa. I love Lilly and Oliver together. I've created a few fanarts here and there of them, and plan on creating more and fanfiction too.

Here's one of my Loliver fanartsCollapse )

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Emily and Mitchel behind the scenes of their music video [May. 1st, 2008|01:01 am]
Loliver Love
EmilyOsment.Us posted some stills of Mitchel and Emily's music video to the song ,"If I didn't have you".

They sure look cheery.

He'd live in a pimp house...Collapse )
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Loliver Graphics [Dec. 9th, 2007|12:05 pm]
Loliver Love


Here is one I made when the show first started, so it kinda sucks.
2a8fce2c.gif image by HyperMocha

This one was from a forum I made, so ignore the thing at the top. lol
LoliverBanner1.gif picture by HyperMocha

Another one...

Loliver.gif picture by HyperMocha

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Loliver icons<3 [Oct. 14th, 2007|01:07 pm]
Loliver Love

[mood |awake]

 I figured that since there were no post's on this community I'd do something about it. 
I made some Loliver icons, they arn't that good, but better then nothing, right?
Since I'm kinda new to this, it won't look all fancy, like other people do it, you know, with the numbers and stuff, but whatever.



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Welcome [Jul. 26th, 2007|10:38 am]
Loliver Love

Ok I was thinking about this and i decided to make it!
This is a community all about Loliver and Eitchel. Everyone is allowed to post pictures, graphics, fanfics, ect.
Please no bashing!!!!!
that's a big one ;) So welcome and start joining
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